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 Congrats to the lovely ladies of Rue Mag on their premier issue! If you look closely on page 182, you'll find Rue Co-Founder, Crystal's very own Franklin Necklace on her dresser next opposite our Jess LC ad!



Division Teardrop Necklace





Good morning! Today I’m announcing the Second Annual Soc Chic All Week Giveaway! Last year we did a massive giveaway for all the Soc Chic necklaces on a variety of blogs and this year we’ve decided to do the same!

Soc Chic All Week Rules

Between now and this Friday, June 11th, hop around to the blogs linked to the necklaces below. Each blog is giving away a different Soc Chic necklace. Which means you have nine chances to comment and win Soc Chic necklaces.

MakeunderMyLife Giveaway Necklace

On, I’m hosting the Lucky In Bed Necklace giveaway. Comment on this post mentioning your favorite Jess LC piece to enter to win this adorable fortune cookie necklace. The Lucky In Bed necklace combines the lucky Chinese color, red, with the longtime tradition of adding “in bed” to the end of fortune cookie messages. Proceeds of this necklace are currently going to our newest Soc Chic cause, paws4people.

Participating Bloggers: Thank You!

I’d also like to give a huge thank you to the wonderful bloggers participating in this year’s Soc Chic All Week. They are some of my favorite bloggers around and I hope you take a moment to see their amazing sites. Best of luck!

To enter their giveaways, click the images below to hop between their blogs and leave comments on their Soc Chic All Week Giveaways.

Giveaway Necklaces & Blog Links


To enter, click here and comment before June 2nd!


Yesterday I did a speaking engagement at a Score and American Express OPEN event. I had a great time meeting small business owners and talking about how I’ve grown Jess LC. The keynote address by Lena West was focused on the power of social media. Of course with MML and my online shop, I already know the power of blogging, Twitter, and facebook. But her emphasis on customer recommendations and their importance stuck with me.

After the event, I arrived home to an incredible post written by a recent Jess LC customer, Melissa of Everyday Chic about her Mother’s Day purchases. Again, it confirmed that there is some amazing magic on the internet that allows people to help small businesses, like mine, succeed.

And then last night, I went to a yoga event my friend Stephanie was leading at a Lululemon store. The store manager described the poster sized photos on the walls of local yoga instructors and personal trainers. Apparently, Lululemon has an ambassador program which features store friends who embody their ideals. The program is basically a way to promote local friends of the store.

So…. given both events I started thinking.

I want to try out a Jess LC Ambassador program here on the web.

Basically, I want to extend a hug, a thank you, and a 15% reusable Ambassador discount to all the Jess LC customers and supporters out there who have blogs and would like to become Jess LC ambassadors. Here’s how it will work:

Please let me know what you think about the idea. I’m excited to finally have a way to thank all of those who have extended kind words about Jess LC on their blogs – and hopefully drive some traffic their way as well!

Here is a link to the Ambassador Page!



What a great surprise! Just found Jessica of What I Wore wearing our Astor Cluster Necklace in coral and gold! 

Thanks, Jessica!


Best Day Ever from Erica Griffiths on Vimeo.