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Welcome to Jess LC! My name is Jess Lively (formally Jessica Lynne Constable) and I am an accessories designer in Chicago, Illinois. The business name, Jess LC, comes from my maiden name and initials. 

However, back in 1999 the company was originally named Starlette Jewelry. As a 15-year-old living in Rochester, Michigan, I taught myself to make “totally rad” star ankle bracelets at a local pool, hence the original (cheesy) company name. These beaded baubles sold quickly and I decided to make selling jewelry to friends, teachers, and boutiques my first job.

Then in August of 2007, I moved to Chicago and set up shop in a studio apartment full-time after graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Within two years Jess LC jewelry was sold in over 100 stores nationwide. 

In 2009, I started focusing on selling right here in our webshop. The ability to work with customers worldwide is a huge blessing and I also love that I connect with customers and readers online via my blog, Jess The blog is my vehicle to fulfill my purpose; to help people design lives with intention.

Most recently I've begun the next chapter of Jess LC by expanding beyond jewelry to include a variety of lifestyle goods. To read the full story of my twelve year business journey, click here

Please feel free to reach out! You can find me on, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and at jess(at)

Our private studio is in Lakeview, a neighborhood just north of Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois. Our crew includes Susie, Stacia, and myself. Stacia manages the webshop, answers many emails, packs orders, and makes sure things are running smoothly. Susie is our jewelry maker who hand assembles each piece of jewelry to order. And I do the design, marketing, finance, and "other stuff." And we all share the duty of baking treats for each other on a regular basis.

We are always on the lookout for interns, so if you are interested please reach out to me at jess(at)

If you'd like to take a tour of our studio, hop over here. And if you want to find about our favorite YouTube videos, baked goods, and fashion trends, check out our studio blog, Behind the Chevron Curtain.

Currently all of our products are made in the USA, most of which are hand assembled right here in Chicago. 

We rotate our collections regularly and have a rather limited inventory of most items. Because of this, we recommend ordering items sooner than later in case the stock runs out. 

As I mentioned, our jewelry is hand assembled by Susie. Jewelry orders are usually made within one to three business days.

Our leather goods, scarves, and other items are also hand made by craftsman here in Chicago and some collections are done in partnership with collaborators across the country.